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What does Planking mean?

What is planking mean on twitter and facebook?

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Planking is the new craze that's gone viral on sites like Twitter, which refer to the people lying down on your stomach completely flat (like a plank of wood) on an odd surface and then have their picture taken. Planking seems to be a new odd fad brought upon us by Australians. Many athletes and actors/actresses are now being seen in planking photos.

Just to note, the original "Planking" definition has been that of flooring (planks of a boat) or as part of a boat.
Athletes planking:
Rosario Dawson Shows Off Her New Planking Hobby:


From the Wikipedia page on “slave ship”:Often the ships, also known as Guineamen, transported hundreds of slaves, who were chained tightly to plank beds. For example, the slave ship Henrietta Marie carried about 200 slaves on the long Middle Passage. They were confined to cargo holds with each slave chained with little room to move.

Slaves were forced to lay face down with their arms by their side and their wrist chained to their waist. Some were even stacked on top of each other with no room to move. Keep in mind there were not any restrooms and they were exposed to bodily fluids, etc. Not many of the slaves survived, many dying from dehydration and disease.

Planking is a new craze gone viral where people lie there bodies flat on the ground or hard surface belly firstand lie there flat looking like they could be dead from a distance, or there usually are a few together in which they look like a bunch of idiots.

laying face down in an unusual place

Planking in Latin means worshiping the DEVIL in a parallel position”

Flanking or Planking ( resting exercise )
- is an old Eastern Religious practice or demonic exercise that leads to death to many people in the past, they are now beginning to revive this demonic practice and most victim are young people - Don't do that and pls don't be an example of this demonic practice!

The latin word for plank is Tabula, whoever made that " planking a demonic exercise " message is a piece of plank shit.

Try to check this link below and search for some other sites:

can you cite at least some sources so that others could benefit more... perhaps, a more solid foundation of your explanation..

ammhhh for me, i have a question too, if planking for you isn't a demonic practice, what will you get if you do that kind of stupid thing? maybe, there's something behind that planking that we're hidden. so that everybody thinks that there's nothing wrong in doing that, it's just for fun. you know guys, some are taking advantage of that kind of mind setting we have. especially, the young people who are not aware. :)

is jumping or taking pictures of people jumping a way of worship of who??? is it stupid? is there something behind it? its just for fun... like planking..

uhm , hello . im from philippines a 4th year student . :') ...
this morning i do planking then afterwards my classmate told me that this act is demonic exercise like cj said and he also tell us that it is related in alumni . did ou have an idea about that ? please give me facts , i'm so curious . thank you !

Plankinq is an exercise said to worship the DEVIL. It's a practice that promotes lyinq down to pay respect to the DEVIL. I used to do it when I'm still not aware, but thanks to my mom I knew what it's meaninq really was.

Planking means worshipping the devil in a parallel position.

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