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What does OP mean on Reddit?

What does the acronym "OP" mean in

2 Answers

OP means "Original Poster" when used in reddit comments.


What do all of these acronyms mean?

Well there are a lot of acronyms in use on reddit, so this is just a list of some of the main ones you'll see.
• AFAIK means "As far as I know"
• AMA means "Ask me anything"
• CMV means "Change my view"
• DAE means "Does anybody else" or "Does anyone else"
• ELI5 means "Explain like I'm 5 (years old)"
• FTFY means "Fixed that for you"
• IAMA means "I am a"
• IANAD means "I am not a doctor"
• IANAL means "I am not a lawyer"
• IIRC means "If I recall correctly"
• IMO/IMHO means "In my opinion" and "In my humble/honest opinion", respectively
• ITT means "In this thread"
• MRW/MFW means "My reaction when" and "My face when", respectively
• NSFL means "Not safe for life" (gory or gross content)
• NSFW means "Not safe for work" (sexual content)
• OP means "Original poster" (the person who started the thread)
• [Serious] means "Serious responses only" (commonly used in /r/askreddit and other subreddits now)
• PSA means "Public service announcement"
• TIL means "Today I learned"
• TL;DR means "Too long; Didn't read"
• YSK means "You should know"

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