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What does NO WORRIES mean?

What does the acronym NO WORRIES mean in a text message? In texting, what is the meaning of NO WORRIES?

2 Answers

NO WORRIES is a texting acronym that means "OK, no problem".


Depends on the context. In Australia it means "No problem" but unlike "no problem" in other countries it leaves open the possibility that it is a problem, but that they don't want the person to be worried. For example, "Yeah, it's a problem but we'll work through it. No worries." In contrast "No problem" literally means "it isn't a problem".


My Boss would say this privately to you about an issue to put your mind at ease just before he'd lambaste you for 5 minutes in a very public meeting over the same issue calling you names and using it to make an example to others of what happens if anybody screws up.

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