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What does NLS mean in texting?

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NLS in texting means "Not Life Safe".

NLS may also stand for:

NLS Native Language Support
NLS National Longitudinal Surveys
NLS National Library Service
NLS National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
NLS National Library of Scotland
NLS National Language Support (extended characters)
NLS Nuclear Localization Signal (medicine; nuclear transport)
NLS Nonlinear Least Squares
NLS Nonlinear Schrödinger
NLS Noxious Liquid Substances
NLS National Literacy Strategy
NLS oNLine System
NLS National Lifeguard Service (Canada)
NLS National Leadership Seminar (Boy Scouts of America)
NLS National Launch System
NLS Natural Language Support
NLS Nassau Library System
NLS Network License Server
NLS Neu-Laxova Syndrome (genetic disorder)
NLS Neu-Laxova Syndrome
NLS Natural Language System
NLS Neonatal Life Support
NLS New Launch System
NLS Normed Linear Spaces
NLS Noise Line State (Cisco)
NLS National Land Service
NLS Novell Licensing System
NLS None Left Standing (band)
NLS New Life Singers (Marietta, Georgia)
NLS Noise Like Signals
NLS New Level Safety (Dartford, UK)
NLS National Linen Service Corporation
NLS No Line of Sight
NLS Native Lan Service
NLS Non-Linear Suppression (Nortel)
NLS Next Line and Set prediction
NLS Network Lifecycle Services (IDC)
NLS National Local Service
NLS Neville Lovett School (UK)
NLS NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) Last Sale (service)
NLS Nterprise Linux Services (Novell)
NLS New Lawyers Section (various organizations)
NLS Neighborhood Lending Services (various locations)

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