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What does MUG mean in texting?

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MUG in text can stand for someone's "Face" as in mug shot. It can also mean to "Rob somebody" or "steal from someone".

Mug may also mean "Idiot"

Some other MUG acronyms:
MUG Macintosh Users Group
MUG Microsoft User Group (various locations)
MUG Multi-User Game
MUG 4-Methylumbelliferyl-ß-D-Glucuronide (substrate)
MUG Male Unbifurcated Garment (alternative to trousers)
MUG Mobiele Urgentiegroep (Mobile Urgence Group; special ambulance team)
MUG Mechanics, Usage, Grammar (education)
MUG Multi-User Group
MUG Midshipman Under Guidance
MUG Make-Up Gas
MUG Minimum Usage Guarantee (voice and data plans)
MUG Manning Unit Group
MUG MATE Users Group
MUG Microcomputer User's Group
MUG Motorcycle User Group (various locations)
MUG Manhattan User's Guide (resource; New York)

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