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What does Mob Mentality mean?

What is the definition of Mob Mentality?

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All About Mob Mentality
• It also referred as “crowd hysteria”, “herd mentality” or “herd behavior” by social psychologists who specialize in how a certain group behaves
• Describes the distinct way a huge group of individuals behave. This can either be good or bad
• Usually viewed negatively because when people hear the word “mob”, they usually have activists and chaos in mind
• Actually, the people who belong to a mob are up to no good most of the time. This is the reason why it’s not a surprise to find criminals belonging to several mobs
• Mob mentality makes a person who belongs to a “mob” believe that creating writings on public property is not such a bad thing to do. It makes him or her think “Hey, I’m not the only one doing it.” This kind of mentality makes the person become less resentful of what he or she has done. Thus, he or she resorts to freely doing other things that are against the law.
• This mentality also encourages a person to do illegal activities simply because there are a lot of them in the group and the authorities would surely find it hard to determine which one of them did the act.
• Mobs have the ability to make other people follow what they are doing not because they are influential but because they are many in a group. Their large number can make people panic and be confused of what’s the right thing to do
• It’s definitely not cool to belong to a mob unless the group is formed for a good reason. So, do yourself a favor and avoid joining a mob who plans to terrorize the public in any possible way.

Why Do Experts Study Mob Mentality?

• They conduct research about it to explain scenarios such as violence in parties and chaos in emergency evacuations

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