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What does MH mean when texting?

What does the acronym MH mean in a text message? In texting, what is the meaning of MH?

8 Answers

MH definition means "Map Hack".

MH means saying yeah, sure, ok something like that.


It means ok in a attitude sorta way


It usually means "man hacks" but it could be different and mean other stuff


I say none of u know what it means, on a game a friend of my girlfriends said to her he had to go saying "gtg bye Mh" with the Mh so what does mh truly mean people, use your brain, it sounds like its a sound when u do a kiss sound, "Mh" like how else would u spell that sound


My 12 year old agrees with Matilda. It means sure/ok.


it means ok in a attitude


It means attitude or man handle

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