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What Does Invasion of Privacy Mean?

What is the definition of Invasion of Privacy?

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What is Invasion of Privacy?

• It is the right of an individual to keep one’s life away from the knowledge of other people.
• Privacy is something that seems to be elusive for most politicians and movie stars.
• Charges from this act can be imposed to someone who has used a public figure’s name or image without his or her consent or by simply invading the person’s privacy.
• People from media usually commit this act compared to average citizens.

The invasion of privacy laws that we have now protect everybody from:

• appropriation
• false light
• public disclosure of private facts
• intrusion of solitude

However, news reporters’ right to free speech gives them the privilege to say that they were merely creating speculations or hypothesis in their newspaper columns and they didn’t get into the celebrity’s life to get that information.

Misappropriation of Someone’s Name or Personality

• This is characterized by the act of using a well known personality’s name in advertisements without his or her permission.

False Light

• This is usually done by some showbiz news reporters. They give “false light” to a celebrity’s beliefs, hobbies, history or character out of malice and just to get the attention of the public.
• An example of this would be a magazine editor stating in his or her news column that Brad Pitt’s gay. Pitt can file a "false light" invasion of privacy lawsuit against the editor and can certainly demand for monetary compensation for the damage brought about by the column in his career.

Public Disclosure of Private Facts

• Examples: A certain employee exposes his boss’ affair to the media just to seek revenge.
• A paparazzi scavenging through a celebrity’s trash bin just to prove that he or she is addicted to prohibited drugs.

Intrusion of Solitude

• Examples: A reporter trespassing into a celebrity’s property to get his or her sex video.
• A paparazzi installing a hidden video camera in an actress’ bathroom without her knowledge.

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