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What does "Electronic Shipping Info Received" mean from the USPS?

What does "Electronic Shipping Info Received" mean for the status of your item, when tracking a package via the United States Postal Service?

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"Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received" usually means that a pre-paid label with tracking was printed by the shipper via or Paypal and that USPS was notified and expects it for mailing soon.

So essentially this status message is saying that your package has not yet shipped out yet. But you should expect it to be mailed within the next 3 days. Often times it will ship out the same day you see this message.

Here's an example of USPS Status Messages that starts with "Electronic Shipping Info Received":

1) Electronic Shipping Info Received
2) Arrival at Post Office
3) Sorting Complete
4) Out for Delivery

I'm an Ebay seller. I printed an electronic USPS label via Ebay with a tracking number for one of my items to be shipped. I went to the Post Office that day and dropped it off. The following day the tracking number showed 'manifest ack'. Later on, the same day, the 'manifest ack' disappeared leaving the shipping information blank. The only shipping status I could find on my package was 'electronic shipping information received'. This message CANNOT mean MY package wasn't received by the Post Office because I know I dropped it off 24 hours prior to this posted message. I send most of my items by USPS and can tell you they can be slow to update tracking information online. Frustrating for sure.

Mine has said this for several days the package was supposed to arrive today and it hasnt?

On my eBay receipt it says has been shipped but when I track it it says electronic shipping info recieved

electronic shipment to me means zero,nada nothing--I believe it is not real shipment "on route" already to your mail box.It is the sender attempt to ask for the tracking number to make the package ready for shipment from his/hers home or office.....,.,. then, the sender may go physically --(even the next day) to the USPS and actually finally to make the acceptance reality...Since this moment your package is on its way to again, electronic shipment means nothing--even seller may try to tell you otherwise.... but this is the truth....knowledge is power

Means a label was printed by someone shipping a package. It could sit days before it is mailed. If the shipper has dropped it at the post office then it is still sitting there in limbo. Go by the date or information that says "processed by a sort facility" indicating that the package is scanned and processed. The USPS has a very slow process at time and "regular" packages can sit for days until it is shipped. The USPS is not what it use to be, reliable.

Short- Cheating: Electronic shipping info received means the USPS has received the shipping label to send your item has been printed and the USPS has received this info. The seller is 'tricking' you into thinking they shipped it fast!

Medium- Cheating: With eBay sellers if you ask them why did it take 3 days for my item to finally be shipped? The sellers answer is "USPS being so slow", but that is NOT true 99.97% of the time! So when you go to leave feedback you will feel 'sorry' thinking it was the post office being slow, but this is NOT TRUE 99.97% of the time. The sellers trying to deceive you, cheating to receive a 20% discount on fee's, & to be completely honest LAZY!

Long- Here's why: Over 2013 eBay has instituted multiple changes to hold eBay sellers accountable to their customers by providing fast & reliable service all to make eBay the #1 online e-commerce site, mainly to compete with Amazon. Sellers receive a "Top Rated" status that gives their products higher search results when a customer wants to find an item. The seller receives this status by:

1- Uploading tracking within 1 business day
2- Delivering 90% of orders on time as stated on the purchase page. The shipping info says- Expected arrival is between Jan 1 to Jan 3.
3- Maintain a +98% positive feedback with an average of 5 DSR Stars

When a seller prints out the shipping label the electronic shipping info tells eBay the seller has printed the label #1 defeated. When you ask ?'s or go to leave DSR feedback either you were told the USPS is slow or you think it was the USPS being slow because the seller printed the label fast and the tracking message you received proves this #2 defeated. As long as your item was as described, your going to leave all 5 Stars thus in turn the seller receives positive feedback #3 defeated. BAM 20% discount for selling fee's and they didn't ship a single order within 1 Business day, in stated handling time, etc!

Above is basically how sellers cheat and still get their discounts. But that can be avoided right, your the buyer and customers are always right? Think again!

When you go to leave your Feedback with DSR Stars you won't be able to leave low scores for most categories! Here's how:

Described: This is the only one you'll be able to give 1 to 5 Stars on, and then a seller can get this changed for many reasons but only a few times usually. Not affecting DSR scores & getting discount.

Communication: If you & the seller didn't send each other a message while being delivered the seller gets an automatic 5 STARS....You can't adjust this!

Shipping Time: If the seller printed the label in time, 5 Stars....Yup no changing this either!! It does still need to be within the handling time frame so if they used Next Business Day or Priority 2-3 days you can adjust this. If it was Media Mail, Parcel Select, or Economy shipping it more than likely will arrive in time even though they waited days to actually ship it!

S/H Cost: If the seller shipped it with "free" shipping, seller gets an automatic 5 Stars.....WOW no changing this either!!!

If you don't know any better your going to leave Positive feedback with 5 Stars, this isn't what the program was designed for. Only about .03% of the time is the post office really slow to ship, but it will NEVER take them 3 days to scan a package! Out of the last 7 years I've sold on ebay (over 2800 orders) I have never has one single order take but a few hours to get scanned in. I print my labels the same day I ship them, drop them off and within a few hours the post office will scan them and then tracking is updated!

I told you this was long, but now you know exactly why it takes 3 days or longer being 'stuck' in electronic shipping info received. Good luck!

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