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What does BAI mean in text?

What does BAI mean in texting? What's the meaning of the acronym BAI in online chat slang?

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BAI is an acronym in texting, which stands for "Bye".

BAI is not an acronym because it's not a shorter version of the word. It's just a very stupid, different way of saying bye. Unless, of course, someone could post what BAI stands for. If it doesn't actually stand for something, it's not an acronym.


Slang for bye


What your friend or whoever it was that sent you that text was trying to say bye, in other words they had to go.
Well, either that or they put the wrong type of bye down. They could have meant bye, by, or buy.


Baii= a longer ransomed way to say bye in text basically


Its negative. Like "bye Felicia " so essentially its more dismissive (glad your leaving) than a positive farewell ( bye, hope to chat again soon 😄)

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