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What does AMP mean in text?

What's the meaning of the abbreviation AMP? What does the acronym AMP mean in text messaging?

2 Answers

AMP typically means "Amplifier".

List of definitions for the acronym AMP:
AMP Amplifier
AMP Ampere
AMP Amplification
AMP Amplitude (wave mechanics)
AMP Amperage
AMP Amputation
AMP Asian Massage Parlor
AMP Adenosine Monophosphate
AMP Ameriprise Financial (stock symbol)
AMP Ampule
AMP AMP, Inc. (Tyco International)
AMP Aid Management Platform
AMP Assistance Médicale à la Procréation (French medical language)
AMP Asset Management Plan
AMP Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.
AMP Average Manufacturer Price
AMP Avionics Modernization Program (USAF C-130)
AMP Association for Molecular Pathology
AMP Alliance for Minority Participation
AMP Accredited Mortgage Professional
AMP Alternative Maritime Power
AMP Amiga Music Preservation
AMP Audio MPEG Player
AMP Australian Mutual Provident Society (insurance)
AMP Americans for Medical Progress (Alexandria, VA)
AMP Aminomethyl Propanol
AMP Alternate MAC/PHY (Bluetooth)
AMP American Museum of Papermaking
AMP Asbestos Management Plan
AMP Attacked Mystification Police (Anime title Silent Mobius)
AMP Active Monitor Present
AMP Association of Music Producers
AMP Association of Medical Publications
AMP Automated Message Processing
AMP Advanced Media Protocol (for controlling video equipment)
AMP Algebraic Manipulation Package
AMP Advanced Metal Powder
AMP Asymmetrical Multi-Processing
AMP Aircraft Modernization Program
AMP Annual Management Plan
AMP Aerospace Medicine Primary course
AMP Automation Management Platform (RealOps)
AMP Army Modernization Plan
AMP Analysis of Mobility Platform
AMP Asset Management Professional
AMP Attached Media Processor (MPEG decoding)
AMP Assisted Maintenance Period
AMP Aircraft Maintenance Program
AMP Acquisition Management Plan
AMP Ain't My Problem
AMP Access Module Processor (NCR Teradata)
AMP 2-Amino-2-Methyl-Propanol
AMP Alternative Medical Practitioner (American Alternative Medical Association)
AMP Asian Model Portfolio (credit model portfolio)
AMP Approved Medical Practitioner
AMP Accelerated Masters Program
AMP Asynchronous Multiprocessing (less common)
AMP Analog Meter Panel
AMP African Muslim Party (political party)
AMP Alternatives to Marriage Project
AMP Advanced Modular Power
AMP Assurance Management Plan
AMP Advance Mobile Phone Service (first generation mobile phone service)
AMP Activist Media Project
AMP Army Materiel Plan
AMP Alex Tanguay, Milan Hejduk, Peter Forsberg (Colorado Avalanche top scoring line)
AMP Aircraft Mishap Prevention
AMP Addict Mobile Phone (mobile company promo)
AMP Antarctic Medical Practitioner
AMP Absorbable Modified Polymers (bleeding tissue barrier)
AMP Anticyclone Mobile Polaire (French)
AMP Administrative Module Processor
AMP Army of Mediocre Players (gaming group)
AMP Assistant Medical Practitioner
AMP Academic Mastery Program (Occidental College)
AMP Acquisition Master Plan
AMP Army Mobilization Plan
AMP Avionics Master Plan
AMP Appointed Medical Practitioner
AMP Action Marketing Plan
AMP Alteration Management Planning
AMP Apple Management Protocol
AMP Aviation Maintenance Publishers
AMP Advanced Machining Program
AMP Associative Memory Processor
AMP Allopathic Medical Practitioner
AMP Automated Medical Payment
AMP Analytical Maintenance Program
AMP Amoco Medical Plan
AMP Air Mission Processor
AMP Adjudicating Medical Practitioner
AMP Airfield Marking Pattern
AMP Advanced Manned Penetrator
AMP Antenna Maintenance Program
AMP Advanced Maneuver Package
AMP Advanced Material Procurement
AMP Association Marocaine de Pathologie
AMP Asociación de Maestros Paternos (Association of Paternal Teachers, Guatemala)
AMP Aminomonophosphate
AMP Attitude Maneuver Planning
AMP Accelerated Maturity Process
AMP Aide Medico-Psycholgique (French)
AMP Augmented Materials Production
AMP Army Mission Planner
AMP Avionics Modernization Plan
AMP Advanced Management Plan/Program
AMP Allied Mining & Mine Countermeasures Publication
AMP Automated Materiel Pricing
AMP African Moral Party (South Africa)

A- Aint
M- My

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