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What country has the largest population in the world?

What country's population is the biggest in the world?

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The country with the largest population in the world is the People's Republic of China. There are currently 1,341,000,000 people residing in China. This represents 19.41% of the entire world's population of 6,908,300,000 people.

The next most populous country is India with 1,195,780,000 people.

China is for sure .Even though officially 1.3 billion people,in June 2012 it has passed 1.4 billion people. Currently the fertility rate for China stands at 2.07 children per family.In 1963 China had 580 million people with a fertility of 8.94,in 1980 China reached 1 billion and they adopted the 1 child policy on ethnic Han Chinese because they were the largest ethnic group to slow population growth.Yeah,but still China grows .Normal.China's minister on the one-child policy said the policy shall be active to at most 2020 ,because many organisations pressure the government to adopt two - child policy because only one child would have no siblings and with a sibling it would play with it if not with other kids.So every American questions him or herself how did China grew astonishing fast and especially the Han Chinese?Well here is your answer .First how did the Han Chinese .During the time of the Qing dynasty Han as warrior tribe were only some 3 percent .On average and especially during this dynasty had 10 to 15 children,and moreover there was Hanisation on other people .That 's how Han Chinese grew up to 91,51 percent and 20 percent of the world.China grew because everyone had on average 11 to 17 children.thank you for reading me.

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