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What are the signs of a Shopaholic?

Spotting a Shopaholic? How can you tell if someone is a Shopahlic and Shops too much?

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Shopping for luxuries that you wanted often feels good. Unfortunately, some people shop excessively that they put their finances as well as themselves in jeopardy. They are often called shopaholics. A shopaholic is defined as a person who is a compulsive shopper who spends more than what he or she can afford. This compulsive behavior is actually an addiction to shopping.

Knowing the characteristics of a shopaholic is quite easy. Since it is an addiction, a shopaholic shops for the purpose of satisfying the need or the urge to shop. Most of the time, the items being purchased aren’t necessary at all. Just like any other types of addiction, shopping would allow the person to feel good for a while but unfortunately, the “good feeling” would just vanish and the addictive behavior would start all over again, leaving the shopaholic person wanting for more. Overtime, the intensity increases and it would affect the life of the person and the people around him or her. The shopaholic would often end up bankrupt, possibly with plenty of unpaid bills, and robbery or theft just to continue the need to shop.

Stopping this form of addiction is never easy. An addiction is not just any physical ailment. It also involves emotional and psychological dependency which makes it harder to intervene. Just like any type of addiction, stopping the urge to shop cannot be done overnight. It involves a lot of therapies and counseling to get over with the addiction.

Group therapies often help a lot since it allows shopaholics to talk to people with similar issues and express what they have felt while shopping. Other therapies also include counseling and support groups. The most important thing when a shopaholic goes into any form of therapy is to be sincere that he or she needs to stop the addiction and be ready with the changes that would be happening.

Spotting the early signs of shopaholic will greatly help in any intervention that would be done and it would be easier to control the addictive behavior.

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