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What are the main differences between America vs. India?

What Makes America Different From India?

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All about India

• In this country, the state has the right to restrict the freedom that its citizens have. That is because the state uses the country’s constitution in making important decisions for the nation.
• Arranged marriage is a strict tradition in India. They are only allowed to get married to someone who is in the same class status as their family.
• Health services, labor rates, foods and other commodities are relatively less expensive in this country. In fact, 45.44 Indian Rupees is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. However, quality education is more luxurious in India compared to America.
• Plus, India has a wide learning system preventing its students to be involved in other extracurricular events.
• Health insurances are not popular in India. However, extremely high quality health services are not an assurance in this country.
• In this country, stores and houses are located in one zone. This allows Indians to conveniently walk to the store and purchase the goods that they need. Thus, Indians can live without luxury vehicles.

All about America

• Complete independence is something that all Americans are entitled to as long as the person doesn’t step on other people’s rights.
• You are allowed to marry anyone you want regardless of your motives in tying the knot.
• United States definitely have high salary rates which make their citizens richer than individuals from other countries.
• In America, insurances are usually used to pay for a person’s medical expenses.
• This country abides an establishment arrangement called zoning. There is a particular zone assigned to grocery stores and working places which is far from a residential area. This factor is the reason why almost all Americans have vehicles. They need cars to reach this particular zone for them to do their groceries.

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