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What are the differences between Miss vs. Ms?

What Makes Miss Different From Ms?

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What is Ms?

• It is a term that was first used in the middle of the 1990’s.
• It became known to the public because of a certain movement that was created during that time. The movement was actually initiated by some women in the society.
• It signified equality among men and women during that time in history.
• It is considered as the counterpart of ‘Mr.’ for men.
• If a woman has an outstanding quality, then you can address her with Ms. Example of this would be Ms. Independent. You just have to attach a characteristic of the woman after the title for its proper usage.
• Addressing a lady as Ms. doesn’t mean that she is single. A Ms can either be a married woman or a single lady. It doesn’t have the same functions as ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs.’ Thus, you can use the word to refer to any woman that you know.
• If you’re wondering why is this so, well, the term Ms came to life during the 1950’s when the marital status of a woman is unknown or has no significance to the society.

What is Miss?

• It is a title that came all the way from the early 16th century.
• It is used to address women who are not yet married (strict usage) and to show them respect as well.
• It is a word that implies courtesy.
• It is also used to address a woman whom you don’t know or whom you may have forgotten the name.
• It is used to recognize a young lady as well.
• It is a title that is used in beauty pageants too. Examples of this would be Miss Congeniality, Miss Friendship etc.
• It is the abbreviated word of Mistress.

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