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What are the Differences Between Credit and Debit Card Functions of a Bank Card?

How are Credit and Debit Card Functions different for a Bank Card?

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Your bank card can either be used as a credit or a debit card. The two options just differ in the kind of network being used so don’t get confused with the two terms. Nevertheless, the money would still come from one’s account and choosing the credit card function of your bank card would never give you extra cash.

What happens when you opt for the credit card function?

• Your signature would be needed to complete your purchase.
• The money would be taken from one’s account based on the shop’s credit card procedure so your funds can stay as they are for a couple of hours.
• Your money can be taken by “batches” which implies that all your purchases would only be reflected on your account on a certain time which usually happens before the day ends.
• You will be able to acquire lesser charges.
• You would be given equivalent rewards or points by your bank.
• You will be covered by the law.
• Also, you may have better protection compared to using the debit card function since a few bank card providers offer monitoring systems for fraud and they sometimes give lower liability to their customers.

What happens when you choose the debit card option?

• You would need to type your PIN in the store’s card equipment.
• Your money would immediately be taken from one’s account.
• You can ask a store to give you cash from your debit card.
• You won’t have to go to an ATM machine that would only imply all of those unnecessary charges on your account.
• You would be able to save more money depending on your bank’s regulations.
• You would be able to give more money to a small store because sometimes, small businesses are charged more by bank institutions when it comes to credit purchases.

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