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What are the differences between a Plant Cell and an Animal Cell?

What Makes a Plant Cell Different From an Animal Cell?

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What is a Plant Cell?

• It is a cell that produces sugar out of CO2. Sugar is the by product of CO2 when the gas enters the cell wall of a plant cell.
• A plant cell has 3 categories: the sclerenchyma cell which is responsible for mechanical support, the collenchyma cell which has a primary wall and only appears when the cell matures and lastly the parenchyma cell which helps the cell in the process of photosynthesis and storage.
• It doesn’t have centrioles and flagellae especially in flowering plants and conifers. These components can actually be found in all animal cells.
• The linking pores in the cell wall of plant cells allow them to communicate with one another and disseminate information between cells.
• It is a cell which has a bigger central vacuole than an animal cell. A membrane encloses the vacuole of a plant cell.
• The chlorophyll inside a plant cell’s chloroplasts allows the cell to perform the process of photosynthesis or the production of food in plants with the use of sunlight.
• Plant cells are also responsible for the green color of most plants. If a plant has pale green leaves, then that only means that it lacks chloroplasts.

What is an Animal Cell?

• It is a cell that returns CO2 to its original form for energy production. It doesn’t produce sugar out of the said gas.
• An animal cell has 210 unique types in our system.
• This cell communicates with another animal cell through the analogous system of gap-junctions.
• It is a cell that can have different shapes.
• It can absorb other materials which is specifically the characteristic of a phagocytic cell, one kind of animal cell.
• It doesn’t have a rigid cell wall.

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