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What are some Tips to Improve my English?

Do you know of any good tips to help improve my English? What are some Tips on Improving my English?

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There are a lot of ways on how to improve one’s English skills and this usually depends on various factors including one’s proficiency level, location and native language if English is not your mother tongue. We are lucky to be able to take advantage of technology nowadays to be able to learn almost everything, including other languages such as English. Find various audio and video tools both free and for sale online for those who prefer self-learning or for those who prefer a more interactive approach, there are instructor-led online lessons available.

Take English Classes

Enrolling in an English class is perfect for those who enjoy learning in an interactive environment. Currently, there are a lot of online English schools all over the world and are best learned if the instructor is a native speaker. Typical classes include lessons in reading, writing and speaking although some schools just focus on one of these three.

Practice Makes Perfect

This saying applies even to learning a language. If you are aiming to learn English at a conversational level, then you should definitely speak in English in all instances that you can. Speak in English at home or even when conversing with others. You can also speak in English to your children and other family members.

Watch English subtitled or dubbed movies

Consider watching English movies to improve your English. You can choose to watch a movie in your native tongue with subtitles in English or vice versa; either way, this ensures that you understand the context of what is being said in both your native tongue and in English.

Look for English learning tools

If you are the type of learner who needs supplemental material for learning, then you can use web-based tutorials, audio recordings and even manuals on how to learn English. This option is also great for those who prefer to learn at his or her own pace or has a busy schedule. If you are on a budget, then you can go to the library so you can borrow books or use your researching skills to find free online references and tutorials.

Read, read, read

Aside from movies and tutorials, a great way to improve your English comprehension is to read books and newspapers in English. Start with topics of your own interest to and gradually broaden your readings to more complicated topics. This method will definitely sustain your interest in reading in English as you switch from one topic to another.

Gradually Build Your Vocabulary

Learning a language doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re targeting into improving your vocabulary, then aim to learn a new word or two every day and use them in daily conversation if you can. You can also use a dictionary or thesaurus to find alternate ways of using a word or find the correct context on how to use a word.

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