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What are Pros and Cons?

What's the difference between Pros and Cons?

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All about Pros and Cons

• They are arguments that are in favor or against a certain topic.
• This pair of words came to life during the 16th century and it is actually an abbreviation of a phrase in Latin which is pro et contra meaning “for and against”.
• Pros are statements that are in favor of the topic.
• Cons are statements that contradict the points which can be found in pros.
• This term is something that most of us consider in our everyday routine. We may not be conscious about it but we seem to always weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the things that we encounter regularly.
• We don’t need to literally list down the pros and cons of a particular subject but that technique can certainly be helpful at times.
• For examples, pros and cons are there when we decide to buy a new house or not. The purchase of a new vehicle and even grocery items require us weigh our options as well.
• Pros and cons are often discussed in debates and academic papers too. They put more credibility into these things.
• They are used by staff and campaign advisers as well in improving their respective political strategies. They can serve as their weapons against their enemies in the political world and they can certainly help them prove their stand in front of the greater public.
• They can use these arguments in the Senate to help them implement the laws that would be for the betterment of the people.
• They can even use pros and cons to convince the citizens of the country to vote for them during elections.
• Wise decisions are often made after looking over the pros and cons of a particular situation.
• They can prevent us from doing things that we might regret in the near future.

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