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Someone is claiming they did not write a facebook message but one with personal info was sent by them to others. Possible?

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Yes, this is entirely possible... Especially, with so many scam Facebook website/apps that try to steal your Facebook email and password. If you entered in your Facebook email and password into a site/app that is not operated by Facebook itself, then the people behind these mischievous sites have an ability to get access to your Facebook account since they most likely are storing your Facebook email and password in Clear text in their own database.

I was a victim of a Facebook scam, when I thought a friend posted a link on Facebook to get a Facebook email address. I clicked the link and it took me to a website that looked like Facebook and asked me to enter my email and password to get the new Facebook email address (which I did). I was on my iPhone, and in a rush to dinner, so I wasn’t quite thinking right at the time and didn’t check the URL of the website. To make a long story short, my Facebook account automatically posted a link to that scam website, and subsequently in the next day my account got suspended due to suspicious activity.  I was able to get my account back, and when I did I went in and changed my email and password to the account (I learned my lesson, but it could have ended up being worse if the scammers had wanted to be malicious).

Even if you didn’t enter in your Facebook email and password into some scam site, it’s also possible that if you are using the same Email and Password for Facebook and other websites, that somehow hackers or malicious website owners got access to your Facebook account that way. So a word to the wise, make sure your Facebook password is completely unique and you have not used the same password in other websites in combination with your email address.

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