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Should the NFL go to a 18 game season?

Do you think it will be a good idea for the NFL to have an 18 game season?

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If you're a fan, then you most likely want the NFL regular season to go from 16 games to the proposed 18 games. I'd certainly like to see an 18 game season, while getting rid of 2 of the 4 current preseason games.

If you're an owner, then you'd most likely want to see an 18 game season, since they'd make more money. That goes the same for the NFL, since they'd also have more of an opportunity to make more money off the extra 2 games.

If you're an NFL player, then I would guess that you'd get a lot of players not wanting to play an extra 2 games due to the wear and tear that these games will have on their bodies, which will likely lead to more players going down with season ending injuries. However, some players who don't make as much as some of the star NFL players might like having an extra 2 regular season games, since they'd make more money from playing in the extra games.

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