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IM short terms?

Hey guys! This isnt really a question but im putting it up to help you all>>>
Here are the meanings of a few things that might help you when chatting on BBM, Whatsapp etc.

WUD = what u doing?
WTV = watching T.V
WUW = who you with? / what you watching?
WUC2= who u chatting to?
WUU2 = what you up to?
WUDing= what u doing?
ITC= in the car
IDC= in da car
Soz= sorry
bibi= bye bye
GTG/ G2G = got to go
TTYL = talk to you later
tom = tomorrow
tomz= tomorrow
2moro = tomorrow
2day= today
2nite= tonight

Hope it helped :) if you need anymore just ask :)


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