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How can I watch the Tour de France race live on my iPhone?

Is there an iPhone app to watch live video of the Tour de France race on my iPad, iPhone or iPod?

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Yes, you can get the NBC Tour de France live mobile iOS app to watch and listen to every stage of the Tour de France bicycle race on your iPhone or iPad.

The NBC Tour de France app has tons of cool features to let you follow along with the race, including:

- Live Video Coverage from Every Stage
- Full Stage Replays
- Real-Time Tracking Map
- Short-Form Video on Demand Clips
- Stage Results
- Overall Standings
- Rider Profiles by Country and Team
- Stage Maps, Elevation Profiles and Stage Descriptions
- Top Stories and Interviews
- Official Tour de France Photos
- TDF Twitter Stream
- Ability to track your Favorite Riders on the Interactive Map and Standings sections

Download the NBC Tour de France Live Mobile here: iPhone app or iPad app.

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