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How to listen to LA Lakers radio broadcasts live on my iPhone?

I have an iPhone. I live in Santa Barbara. I want to stream live Laker radio broadcasts. How?

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You can listen to Lakers games on your iPhone from the ESPN Radio app. The games are broadcast on the Los Angeles radio station 710 AM ESPN.

No. ESPN Radio app via 710 AM doesn't broadcast Lakers games live. Your best bet is to use online sites via Safari or Google chrome on your iPhone to watch/listen games live. Search google for those answers.

Download the free radio app "Tunein". You can locate any radio station that broadcasts the Lakers and play it. This is one of the few apps that I have paid the 99¢ to get the full version. You can program it to alert you 15 minutes (or any amount of time) before the game. You can do this for any sports team of any type anywhere. You can record games or radio programs. You can get podcasts for free. Get it.


The guy suggestion the tunein app obviously has not actually used it. You CANNOT listen to LIVE lakers games on tunein or espn radio app even tho both claim you can. They only have a select couple of games the whole entire season that they stream and tunein, for example won't stream a lakers game until February, after new year... 2015. If you listen to tunein radio they will start to cover the game but as soon as they tip off, they switch coverage to an espn podcast or some pointless baseball game. I just wish they had repercussions for flat out lying and wasting everyone's time. Listening to sports on the radio is not my preferred method but I do think it's bogus that in this day and age we are blacking out radio programs for gods sake! Rant over

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