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How much do Attorney's charge for a simple Last Will?

What is the typical cost that Attorney's will charge for simple Last Will and Testament?

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The price an attorney will charge for a "Simple" Last Will to be drawn up, witnessed and self-proving affidavit notarized will often vary based on how large a firm the attorney is with.

It may cost as low as $150 from an Attorney who is working for them selves to draft a simple Last Will.

Slightly larger firms may charge a flat fee of $350 for a simple Last Will and Testament (but if you need the recommended Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney with Statutory Gifts Rider the cost might be $450.00).

Another attorney quoted a flat fee of $650 for a simple Will which included an initial meeting, drafting the document, and meeting again for the signing.

If you use a software like Quicken WillMaker to create your Will on your own, and want an attorney to review it and execute the will it may cost $250. However, some attorney's will only execute Wills that they have drafted.

Keep in mind, some attorney's will have a FREE first consultation, while other's may charge $400+ for a consultation.  However, you can probably find an attorney that you only have to come into their office for the Will signing. If you've used software like Quicken WillMaker you could just send them your own DIY drafted Will to use as a guide to gather the needed information, and then the Attorney can draft their own Will for you.

Also keep in mind that an attorney told me:

"that the powers of attorney not drafted by an estate planning/elder law attorney frequently lack the right powers, even if the forms follow the statutory form because of the ability to add modifications and the complexity of the various options."

He also said he'd never seen Susie Orman/Legal Zoom/Quicken document successfully administered in my career, even though they often have the correct language (the Susie Orman stuff isn’t even technically correct).

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