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How is Stupidity Different From Ignorance?

Stupidity vs. Ignorance?

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What is Stupidity?

• It is the state in which a person lacks the intellectual capacity to understand a specific event or subject.
• This often leads to wrong conclusions of facts and misinterpretations.
• Stupidity can vary from one person to another. It can be a difference in the way people perceive things. For example, ignorance can lead individuals to think that a certain ritual of an ethnic group is stupid. Thus, one has to be careful with his or her words especially if they are traveling in countries which are not their own.
• It can be caused by mental deficiencies or attitude problems hindering the individual from acquiring knowledge from the people around him or her or even from one’s surroundings.
• For example, a person who is stupid will have the notion to speak to a car in order for the said vehicle to move.
• Due to a person’s stupidity, he or she can also become ignorant. His or her state of mind can stop the person from learning how to do things right. Thus, this individual can remain ignorant and stupid all of his or her life.

What is Ignorance?

• It is the state in which a person doesn’t have sufficient knowledge about a certain subject or event.
• It can be caused by lack of skills training or proper education. With these things, a person can never be ignorant.
• For example, a person who is still learning to drive is considered to be ignorant of all the things which deal with vehicles.
• A person who is ignorant can be stupid at the same time. However, through experience and exposure to a particular hobby or subject, then this person would eventually acquire the knowledge that he or she needs to be free from stupidity and ignorance.

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