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How is Realism Different From Idealism?

What Makes Realism Different From Idealism?

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What is Realism?

• It means seeing the scenario as it is.
• It puts emphasis on what’s really happening.
• It states that our consciousness, ideas and thoughts can never affect our own reality. Our reality is an independent entity that can happen on its own.
• Realists tend to hope less about the future.
• Also, they don’t make rush choices. They look into every option that they have. They think twice or even more. They make extremely practical and rational decisions.
• They have their future all planned out and they intend to achieve their goals by exactly following their plan.
• They use their mind and they don’t let their emotions get in the way.
• They set dreams that they know they can fulfill in the long run.
• They stay on the safe side because they avoid taking risks as much as possible.
• It is a more pragmatic perception compared to idealism.

What is Idealism?

• When you have a perception that is perfect or ideal, then you can be considered as an idealist.
• Being an idealist is simply being an optimist.
• It is a concept that states that we can mold our own reality. We just have to exert all of our ideas and thoughts into it.
• Idealism puts emphasis on the things that could happen.
• Thus, they have the tendency to take risks.
• Their goals are usually grandiose and unattainable which makes them non realistic individuals.
• They just keep on fantasizing about things without setting any concrete plan for their future.
• They create visions using their own ideas without considering the reality of the situation.
• They don’t easily get discouraged by adversities in life.
• They try to see the good in everything as much as possible.
• They are extremely hopeful people.

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