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How do you move photos to a different album on facebook?

Can I transfer existing photos in Facebook from one album to a different album?

1 Answer

Here's how you can move photos from one Facebook photo album to another:

1. Login to Facebook.
2. Click on your Profile name (at the top right corner).
3. Then click Photos (on the left sidebar).
4. Click on the Photo Album that you want to move photos out of.
6. Click on Edit Album.
7. Then in the "Edit Album" pop-up box, click on Edit Photos.
8. Now you will see a "Move to" drop-down box below every photo of the album.
9. Select the album you want to move particular photos to, then click Save Changes.

That's it!

Keep in mind Facebook does not allow you to move photos out of your "Profile Pictures" album or the "Cover Photos" album.

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