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How do you know if Apple Airpods Pros are charging?

How can I tell if Apple Airpods Pros are charging?

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If the case Airpods Pro case is plugged in, and the case is closed your Airpods should be charging, if you see the orange light on the case blink. Airpods can also charge in the case when the lid is half closed and secured with a rubber band.

You can also check the battery status of AirPods Pros using an iPhone or iPad. To do so, with your iPhone or iPad, open the AirPods Pro charging case lid with your AirPods inside and hold your iPhone near your AirPods Pros case. Within a few seconds you'll see the charge status of your AirPods and charging case show up on your iPhone screen. This feature is exclusive with Apple iOS devices, so, it can be a way to verify your AirPods Pro are real or fake AirPod Pros.

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