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How do you change setup to allow only hdmi video and not sound through video card?

I setup my ATI Radeon HD 4350 video card using the HDMI output to my monitor, however after doing this I lost sound from my computer speakers. How do I disable the HDMI audio from the video card, so that it only uses HDMI audio?

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So I figured out how to get sound again through the normal Speaker output on my Windows 7 computer. Here's how to change the default audio playback device in Windows 7:

1) Right-click on your volume control (in lower right corner of system tray) and then select Playback devices. NOTE: you can also bring up the "Sound" box by doing a search for "sound" in Windows 7.
2) A "Sound" box will pop-up. In the Playback tab, click on "Speakers" (or which ever device you want to set as default), then click on "Set Default" button.
3) Click Apply, then OK.

By doing this, sound will now go through the computers "Speakers" sound card and no longer through the HDMI audio on the graphics video card.

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