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How can I Stop My Eye From Twitching?

Is is possible to stop my Eye Twitching? How do I live with my eye twitching all the time?

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We have all experienced that uncomfortable sensation of our eye twitching for some reason and most are at a loss on how to stop it. What we have experienced is the phenomena known as blepharospasm or the involuntary twitching of the eye. While it feels and looks weird, the first thing we need to remember is to keep calm. Blepharospasm is usually triggered by stress and freaking out about it will only prolong it. Taking some deep breaths, relaxing and ignoring your eye twitch will go a long way in making the twitching stop faster.

Involuntary eye twitching is usually caused by three factors – caffeine, fatigue and stress. The eye twitching often lasts for a few days before it subsides. The best things to do during an episode of blepharospasm are to relax and get enough rest, de-stress and stop the intake of caffeinated drinks.

However, there are instances when blepharospasm becomes more obvious. Usually a slight tic occurs, but in extreme cases the whole eyelid twitches and closes. This often happens when the eye suffers an injury. A scratch or small tear on the cornea can cause excessive twitching, plus it’s sometimes painful. Pinkeye and its various forms can also cause the eye to twitch. There are several options to consider if the twitching worsens -

• Consult your doctor. See your doctor immediately if you have pinkeye or suspect that your cornea might be scratched. A clear diagnosis can make it easier for the problem to be treated. Your doctor can also diagnose if you’re suffering from chronic blepharospasm which is an eye twitch that lasts for several days. The cause is a bit difficult to diagnose, but it’s easily treated. However, eye twitching that happens along with some involuntary facial contractions might be caused by another ailment, like Tourette Syndrome. Someone experiencing pronounced facial contractions that can’t be resolved by rest or medicine should see their doctor as soon as possible.

• Choose the right treatment. There are several treatments that doctors can recommend to stop eye twitching. One such option is a Botox injection. This popular treatment paralyzes the muscle that causes the twitching action and most of the time, a single injection is enough to keep you twitch free for several months. Doctors can also prescribe specific medicines to arrest eye twitching. Some commonly prescribed medications are muscle relaxants and anti-convulsants. Tranquilizers are also prescribed especially if stress is causing the blepharospasm.

• Getting surgery is a last resort. If all else fails, a surgical procedure called a myectomy can be considered. The procedure calls for some muscles to be removed from around the eye. While this is a proven solution, doctors usually recommended trying medicines and Botox first and surgery last.

Blepharospasm doesn’t require going to the doctor for the most part, especially since rest and relaxation is often enough to stop the eyes from twitching. Knowing what triggers your stress button and addressing it can also help control long-term eye twitching. It has been reported that those suffering from panic attacks sometimes experience extreme eye twitching and that big or stressful events aggravates it. But once the panic attack settles or the person has de-stressed, the eye twitching also stops.

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