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How can I interlink text blog content automatically in Wordpress?

How can I automatically link text with URLs in blog posts automatically using Wordpress?

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To interlink posts in a WordPress blog automatically, you'll want to get the SEO Smart Links plug-in. SEO Smart Links is currently one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress, and will definitely help your blog to rank better in the search engines.

SEO Smart Links provides you with many benefits including:
• Better navigation -- gives the user more paths to follow, which may also increase the pageviews
• SEO -- automatically interlinks your pages, passing page rank from one page to another helps your overall search engine rankings
• Affiliate marketing -- you can even use the plugin to create affiliate marketing links with advanced options like link cloaking

SEO Smart Links can automatically interlink your content to key pages deeper into the site improving both search engine rankings (by using relevant anchor text in the links) and search engine crawling of your site.
Go here to download SEO Smart Links

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