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Does walmart deliver groceries?

Will Walmart deliver grocies to your home?

6 Answers

Walmart does in fact have a grocery delivery service called Walmart ToGo. However, the grocery delivery service is not available in all areas.

It is available in the San Jose and San Francisco areas.

To find out if Walmart To Go is available in your area go here:


I looked at your prices on-line and they aren't the same as the store prices. I can get things delivered cheaper for free at other stores.
I don't mean fresh and frozen items, just the canned and dry things or personnel items, paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.
I just got a blood clot in my leg and shouldn't be walking around to much right now until the clot gets dissolved.


Does Walmart deliver grocers in edmonton


Does Walmart in Redding Ca deliver groceries to your home?

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