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Does Target sell flowers?

Can you buy a bouquet of fresh flowers at Target stores?

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Regular Target stores may not sell flowers. However, Super Target stores with a grocery store should sell flowers. You'll want to check with your local Target store.

You can buy flowers at


Yes, they do sell flowers at Super Targets and actually have began selling them at regular targets. However, the quality of the flowers they stock are very cheap and poorly designed and they charge an outrage. I recommend checking a smaller chain grocery store or something like a whole foods store, they always order from local wholesales who specialize in getting the best quality. The company who supplies flowers to Target has opted to remove expiration dates so they can try to salvage every bouquet, even though it may only last a day or two. Other stores guarantee up to 5 - 7 days of freshness :).


Employee of the company ( Anonymous ) :)

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