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Does Rite Aid sell stamps?

Can you buy US postage stamps at a RiteAid drugstore?

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Yes, RiteAid drugstores do sell US postal stamps. When you're in the store just ask a Rite Aid cashier for forever stamps.  However, stamps sold at RiteAid are usually expensive.

You can also buy stamps online at and get FREE postage!


Rite Aid in Eureka and Sonoma Calif stores charge $2.75 for 4 forever stamps currently valued at $.49 each! Fair? Ripoff? You tell me


Rite Aid price gouges postage stamps! They sell 4 of them for 2.79 rather than whole books like they do at CVS. Avoid these robber barons if at all possible!


I just bought overpriced stamps at Rite Aid. This is the only place I have bought stamps for a cost other than what the post office charges. Why is this allowed? Rip off. I will be shopping at the CVS across the street from now on instead.


RIP OFF! 3.79 for 4 stamps!


I was charged at Rite Aide 80 cents more a fee for four stamps! No more going to other stores where there is no fees. That should be illegal and the store should be fined since they are not a us postal franchise where they do charge a fee. CVS, Walmart and Ralph’s all do not have fees so Rite Aide should follow that! We should get our fee money back and they should be reported!!!!


Was charged $3.00 for 4 forever stamps at Rite Aid in Sacramento, CA. RIP OFF!!!!

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