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Does Pottery Barn ship to store for Free?

Will Pottery Barn ship to store for free if you pick the items up yourself at your local store? Or do you have to pay for shipping and delivery charges if even you pick the items up yourself?

1 Answer

If you order something at a local Pottery Barn store and pick it up at the store, you will not have to pay shipping or delivery surcharges. So essentially, it's FREE Shipping to a local store. If you're buying furniture from Pottery Barn it's much better to make in-store purchases with local pickup, since you won't pay shipping charges, and can also return the items to the store without paying for return shipping. This can save you a lot of money, when compared to making online purchases from Pottery Barn because of the shipping charges plus delivery surcharges per item.

So in-store purchases can easily save you $100 or more on shipping for large purchases if you pick the items up at your local Pottery Barn store.

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