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Does Facebook automatically delete my messages?

Will Facebook automatically delete my messages? I just tried to access a few of my older messages and they are gone, but I never deleted them? What could have happened and why are some of my messages gone?

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Strangely enough, it appears that on occassion Facebook will delete messages (probably by accident). That's why it's always best to back up your messages that you want to save to a Microsoft Word document, so you can be sure you will have a copy.

I've had messages that seem to have been deleted automatically by facebook that are no longer in the main message thread area. I know positively I didn't delete them, and I did not archive them. However, the messages did not get permanently deleted, because I did a search from the Message search box, and searched on my friends name who's messages were apparently automatically deleted and I saw a list of all the messages that had been sent to and from.

So while facebook seems to have deleted some messages automatically (by accident?...) At least in some cases you may still be able to search for and recover the messages that were deleted from the main messages area.


It did it to me too, but it's wierd, I can't find the older messages but the ones i sent like this week and last week are there wtf

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