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Does CVS sell roses?

Can I purchase Roses and flowers at CVS pharmacy?

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CVS stores typically do not sell roses. During Valentines Day, they may have a small selection of single roses. sells Roses and fresh flowers and you can get FREE delivery!


Yes they sell single roses... that is all


I saw a box filled with perfect dozrns of fresh roses at cvs... not near any holiday..


Single roses?


If you Visit CVS stores in the South Florida area you will find Fresh Cut flowers. I supply CVS with these flowers 2 to 3 times per week.


I went to cvs today and it’s May 3. They had a small box with about 6 bouquets of flowers. About half had roses. All of them were super pretty though. I noticed each seemed to have about 11 flowers except there were some that had maybe 20 and one that had 7.

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