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Do Dell Monitor warranties cover dead pixels?

Do any of the warranties that Dell computer has for their monitors, actually cover being able to return a monitor when it starts getting dead pixels on the screen?

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Looks like Dell has a "Dell Premium Panel Guarantee." See below for the details:

"Ever notice a bright spot on a monitor that won't go away? Dell has - and we know it's annoying. That's why Dell is now offering a Premium Panel Guarantee that ensures zero "bright pixel" defects on your UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors purchased from Dell.

While defective pixels do not necessarily impair the performance of your monitor, they can be annoying and distracting, especially if the pixels are located in positions where viewing quality is reduced.

Unyielding commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers has driven Dell to offer a Premium Panel Guarantee as part of our standard Limited Warranty1 coverage. Even if only one bright pixel is found, a free monitor exchange is guaranteed during the Limited Warranty1 period.

The Premium Panel Guarantee is available for UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors sold with systems or as standalone units purchased direct from Dell, and is included with Dell's standard 3-year Limited Warranty1. Customers who purchase a 4th or 5th year extended Limited Warranty1 can also take advantage of this coverage for the duration of the Limited Warranty period.

UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors bought at Best Buy, while covered by the Premium Panel Guarantee, must visit a Best Buy store in order to exercise their exchange.

Dell's Premium Panel Guarantee covers which monitors?
A Dell's Premium Panel Guarantee applies to all UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors bought directly from Dell and from retail stores with "bright pixel" defects during the Limited Warranty1 term.

If you purchased your UltraSharp, Professional and Alienware monitors through Best Buy, you can only exchange it at any Best Buy store. In order to receive warranty service at a Best Buy store, you must have the original sales receipts from your purchase.

How long is the Premium Panel Guarantee period?
A While most manufacturers only provide a 30-day zero bright pixel guarantee, Dell’s Premium Panel Guarantee is valid for the term of your Limited Warranty1 or extended warranty terms of 4 or 5 years.

The Limited Warranty for monitors purchased independent of a system lasts for the time period indicated on your packing slip, invoice or receipt. Monitors purchased with a system are covered by the term of the system Limited Warranty."

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