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Differences between Travellers vs. Gypsies?

What Makes Travellers Different From Gypsies?

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What are Travellers?

• They are considered as nomads like the Gypsies. However, they certainly have a lot of differences from the latter.
• They are also known as Irish Travelers because of their Irish origin.
• Their roots are found in one of Ireland’s sub society.
• Now, they can be found a few parts of Northern America, all over United Kingdom and Ireland.
• Some travelers have that Caucasian look but most of them have a fairer complexion. It is rare for a Traveller to have a dark complexion given its place of origin.
• They actually look like Irish people and you might even mistake them for those people if you don’t know a lot about the Travellers.
• They have a common knowledge known as Shelta. They also use Cant and Gamin dialects. Thus, if you want to talk to these people, then you should start learning these dialects by now.

What are Gypsies?

• They are people who wander around which makes other people see them as nomads.
• Their roots are found in the Hindu religion. That’s the reason why they are sometimes mistaken as Indians.
• Moreover, they were thought as Egyptians by the early Europeans but that notion is slowly being corrected now.
• They can be found in Hungary, Albania, other parts of Germany and Eastern Europe. However. they can generally be seen in Eastern Europe.
• They have darker complexion and they look like the people living in Egypt and India.
• They generally have oriental appearances and physical attributes. They can be mistaken as people who live in Asia because of their look.
• They speak differently from other people. Their language is quite similar to the Northern Indian subcontinent dialects. Thus, you would certainly have difficulty communicating with them.

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