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Difference between Racquetball versus Squash?

What Makes Racquetball Different From Squash?

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All about Racquetball

• It is a sport that uses rackets which have lengths smaller shorter than 22”.
• It can be played outdoor on indoor.
• Its court can be completely enclosed. It has a height of approximately 20ft and its other measurements are 40×20 ft.
• The serve-receiving and service areas of this sport are marked by red lines.
• It doesn’t have an “out of bounds” area for its players.
• The maximum score in this sport is 15 points.
• A racquetball is one of 2.25” in diameter.
• A racquetball is made of rubber.
• A racquetball is allowed to reach the ceiling during the game.

All about Squash

• It is a sport that uses squash rackets which have 27” as their maximum length.
• The dimensions of a squash court are 32×21 ft. Its 4 walls may have varying heights but its court area certainly has a clear height. The court has the shape of a rectangle.
• The top of the court also has a lot of outlines. A special line of 19” in height can also be found on the court’s front wall.
• The “out of bounds” area for this sport is found at the base of the front wall.
• The maximum score in this sport is 11 points in professional tournaments and 9 points in friendly matches.
• A squash ball is smaller at 4 cm compared to a racquetball.
• A squash ball doesn’t have rubber in its construction. Thus, it slows down as a rally continues and it gives out more energy during impact.
• If the squash ball reaches the ceiling, it is an “out”.
• If the squash ball reaches any of the lines below the one on the front wall or the lines above it, then it is also an “out” and it is given the term “hitting the tin”.

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