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Can you tell me the difference between Soccer vs. Football?

What Makes Soccer Different From Football?

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What is Soccer?

• This sport basically has the same rules that govern a certain football game.
• It is comprised of two teams that would have a match in a huge field.
• However, soccer players are only allowed to use their head, chest and foot in moving the ball.
• The goalkeepers of the two teams are the only people who can touch the ball with their arms or with their hands.

What is Football?

• It is a well known international sport.
• It is the sport that is played on the famous Football World Cup.
• It is the collective term that refers to any sport which requires its players to use their foot on hitting a ball and gain a score in return.
• This sport has 2 teams which have a maximum of 18 players each.
• The field in a football sport is divided between the two teams.
• For a team to gain a score, they need to work together in getting the ball to their opponent’s side of the field. The ball needs to reach the goal area or a certain line in that side for them to gain a score.
• The players are allowed to pass the ball to their team mates with the use of their whole body, foot or hands. The allowed body parts to be used by the players would be determined by the kind of football that they are playing.
• The team which has the highest score is the one who would be proclaimed as the winner of the football game. If both teams were able to come up with the same number of goals, then the game can be considered as a draw or penalty shootouts would be provided to both teams if necessary.
• Examples of football: Gaelic football, rugby, Australian football, gridiron football and association football or soccer.

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