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Can you sew the seam on treadmill belt?

There is a tear along the seam on my treadmill belt, is it possible to fix it or do I have to buy a new belt and/or treadmill?

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Yes you can if it was glued from my experience. My belt came apart at the seam where the glue had held it together. I think I was fortunate because it was a clean separation and had about 3 inches of overlap to work with. I cleaned the two surfaces with soap and water that would be reglued and used Super Weatherstrip Adhesive by Permatex found at the auto parts store. It was about $7 which is far better than the $90 - $170 I found online to replace. After regluing and letting it set for 24 hours I reassembled and now it works as good as new even at 15* incline at 10 mph. Good luck everyone.

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