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Can you opt out of Facebook Timeline profile?

Is it possible to disable or opt out of Facebook's new Timeline profile and instead use the regular style profile without Timeline?

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Currently, Facebook is transitioning all profiles over to the new Timeline profile design/ layout. 

At this time, there is NOT a way that Facebook allows you to opt out of the newer Timeline profile upgrade. This is really unfortunate, since it would be fairly easy for Facebook to give users the ability (or option) to use the more traditional (older) profile layout rather than the (newer) Facebook Timeline profile.  For many people it would be a welcome option to be able to disable Timeline, since I think a large majority of facebook users are going to really hate the Timeline profile design, as it's way too confusing due to the two column layout. 

In my opinion, Facebook would have been way better off if they did the Timeline profile layout design using only a one column layout. Two columns is just a mess, as there's just too much going on to look at or concentrate on at once. It makes viewing your own profile, or other friends profiles more of a headache, than a benefit (It's an ADD person's nightmare).  The actually "Timeline" is somewhat useful to quickly see posts from years ago, but it doesn't need to be designed to have all your wall posts, photos, links, etc. spread out in two columns... 

There is a way, it's called closing your account until facebook does it your way. They should talk to Burger King.

That's my intention, also.

Its being forced on us.the whole thing is a frelling mess.thats the end of facebook for frelling madness.

Why is there no way to contact Facebook directly for help - actually TALK with a human being? It's ridiculous that a person can't opt out of the Timeline for good. Facebook is far too controlling and alienating from the public.

Time for a jailbreak for Facebook like the iPhone. Apps and devices should be designed to be controlled by us and NOT otherwise!

I DO NOT like the new timeline app on Facebook! Give Me the Old Facebook app Back! I DidNOT ask for the New Timeline!

Need more people to join the "Undo Timeline" group!

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