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Can you explain the difference between Techno and House music?

What's different between Techno music and House music?

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Music Origins: Techno and House Music

Techno and house music almost have the same. In fact, it is very hard t distinguish one from the other through their descriptions and where they came from, let alone how they sound like. Techno and house music have originated in almost the same genres and both of them are dance music.

House music originated from Chicago in the early 1980s wherein it derived its origins from electro-pop, disco, synthpop, funk, as well as many other disco music. House music uses turntables to create unique and distinct sounds that have become very popular among party goers. Synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, and sequencer are being used by both techno and house. With the help of these instrument, house music has created a popular era for music that until has been very widely appreciated.

Techno uses all the instrument house uses except for the turntables. Instead, they make use of keyboards to accompany other equipment in creating good music. Techno originated in Detroit on the middle of 1980s and has become widely known especially among the countries in Europe. Just like house, techno also originated from funk, disco, snthpop, and many other disco tunes and music.

The similarities of both house and techno music has indeed created a lot of confusion among party goers. They have so little differences and too many similarities which make people confuse over what music they are dancing with. For some, they cannot distinguish techno from house by just listening to it. This is because, even though they have differences when it comes to using the keyboard and some parts of the origin, the mere sound of it simply would not distinguish it from the other unless there are obvious differences.

The next time you go to a club, just ask the DJ if he is mixing with house or techno music. This way, you can gladly hear their subtle differences.

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