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What does SC mean in text?

What does SC mean in a text? What is the meaning of SC in Facebook chat?
December 1, 2011

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SC means "StarCraft (game)". Also is an acronym in texting, which stands for "Silent Chuckle".


What does SC mean on Facebook?

SC may mean "So Close" on facebook.

May also mean:

- Science
- South Carolina
- Star Craft (video game)
- Southern California
- Sports Center
- Southern Comfort (drink)
- Senior Citizen
- Santa Claus
- Spell Check
- Splinter Cell (video game)
- Soft Core
- Stepchild
- Secret Crush –  Answers  Nov 8th, 2012 at 9:17 PM

Sc means something cute on facebook

Sc means "stay cool"

snap chat


Star craft (game). Or Silent Chuckle


"sc" in text means snapchat

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