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What does "BB" mean in a text message?

What's the acronym "bb" stand for in a message?
February 4, 2011

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When used online or in a text message, "bb" is typically short for "baby".

BB means "Big Brother".

BB in online chat can also mean "Be Back".

Baybyyyyy or best bud

BB means.....

well i always thought its baby.

Bb stands for baby u usually send it to ur boyfriend or girlfriend so it's short for baby!


It basically means baby like when your girlfriend says our date? you would say heck ya bb or yea bb that's what it means!


basic what bb means its stands for bby but say if your boyfriends said u alright bb it means bby but there forgetting about the y so it would be bb its just shortened In away


It means baby or best bud or babe as in thanks babe / thanks baby / thanks best bud

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