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How do i hide "Last Active" time stamp facebook messenger mobile app?

How do i hide the "Last Active" time stamp on the facebook messenger app?

November 15, 2012

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There is no way to hide it, unless you totally log out of FB app. That is how I figured out, but you need to test it with friends phone and confirm if the time stamp disappeared once you logged out completely.

Whenever I open Facebook on iPhone it updates the 'last active' time that others see for me when they look at me on Facebook messages on iPhone.

When my mate logs onto Facebook on the same Iphone it doesn't update his 'last active'. In fact be doesn't have a 'Last Active' so nobody knows when he opened up Facebook.

How can this be? And what settings do I need to change so I am like my friend?

I think that is because he logs in via the website and not with the Facebook or Facebook Messenger Apps.

Yep Tom is correct, the timestamp only applies to the FB mobile application. If you log on via a desktop or laptop there will be no timestamp recorded.

The other downside to the mobile time stamp is it seems to drain the battery even more on the iphone 5.

I don't have a last active time. I only go online via the iPhone app I want my last active time to show how can I do this?

I have a friend who shows up in my feed with no timestamp, only the mobile icon but in others with a timestamp and icon. Its like only I have been blocked from seeing it somehow. How is this possible

Do you think it's because you and your friend have different versions of the fb app? Can you check this? I just have a theory that maybe the older version doesnt have time visibility hence you can't see when they are online
I've experienced last active times disappearing for certain friends instantly after updating to a latest version of the FB iphone app. The times didn't reappear for these particular friends until once again, getting a newer version of the FB app. –  Answers  Aug 15th, 2013 at 5:34 AM

How can I hide my last seen from facebook


This is so annoying bc I can't just check a few things, my bf is always checking when I was last active and sometimes I hadn't even been on it that day at all and he say I was active 11 mins ago and screen shots it


Could it be settings on the iPhone privacy affecting the visibility of the time stamp? It also started after downloading the new version of fb


its not that...even logging via desktop one can see the last online.

and how to solve this desktop problem?if u know please. –  buddha  Nov 17th, 2014 at 9:00 AM


There must be any way to hide the time access T.T
I really need it, even tho I dont open my messanger it always appears that im active


the million dollar question remains unanswered ... in this tech savy world... no one seems to know how to view personal fb timeline and messages in privacy even on desktop same problem remains ... that is a utter shame :( :( ... all tech savy please advise ty ....


actually, for me it also shows "last active" when i login on google chrome. however, mozilla doesnt share my "last active"


Last couple of days I've seen that a friends' fb-chat timestamp completely dissapears (I only use fb on laptop), after it shows 2h for example...I'm pretty sure it's because they logged out from the fb app on their iphone...

So, try logging out from fb-app on your smartphone after you're done on fb, and the timestamp will dissapear.


I do not have Messenger installed and have an iphone 4S. This seems to have worked for me: open facebook app, swipe your finger from right to left and it will open a chat window with a list of your friends. Tap the gear wheel in the upper right corner to turn chat off. My husband checked from his account (he has an iphone 5 and has the lastest Messenger app) it no longer showed when I was active in our message history or on my page. I am curious to hear if there are still any bugs with this approach - such as any issues with activity status when viewed from a droid etc.


So annoying - I dislike everyone seeing when I was last active on fab .... I have friends that show and some which don't ... I'd love to know how they managed to turn that off but too embarrassed to ask ☺️...



I use Opera Mini mobile browser. When I log in to facebook via Opera, My last seen time stamp never gets updated. But the moment I log in via PC Browser, the time stamp gets updated. Now I dont know why but I havent applied any settings or any such things.


If its the mobile app you go in and swipe to the chat list then click the settings button and turn off your chat if you use your chat quite often you may not want to do this but if you don't then it will work. As of right now that is the only way to get rid of it on the mobile app. I have heard certain browsers like Mozilla and Opera mini do not update the time stamp


I have noticed that my friends can appear offline and then later on I will look at the chat sidebar and there will be a time stamp by their name, that shows they have been online during the same time, it was showing them offline. How is this possble?

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